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Moose and Caribou Hunting


Exclusive guide outfitting rights to 600 square miles of alpine and sub-alpine terrain
within one of Canada's southernmost wilderness areas


Hi everyone.

Our first season of running the business ourselves has been a good one. Dave has been more than generous with his support and advice and we've sure appreciated having his experience to call on.

Hunting was not easy but we had a successful season with opportunity and harvest rate at 71% on moose and 100% for caribou. Along with both Roger and Wanda, we hired on Dave Chamberlain who has 25 plus years of guiding experience and is a family friend. 

Thanks to all of our repeat hunters, and great to have a few new faces as well. Hope everyone is healthy and happy.


Eli, Terra and boys

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Located in the heart of prime moose country in the Chilcotin region of Central British Columbia, the hunting territory of Lehman Creek Outfitters retains the exclusive guide outfitting rights to 600 square miles of alpine and sub-alpine terrain within one of Canada's southernmost wilderness areas. This hunting territory lies to the east of Tweedsmuir Park stretching from the Ilgachuz Mountains eastwards to the Clusko River. Within Management Unit 5-12, its secluded area has an abundance of natural habitat for a variety of big game animals including bear, mountain caribou and moose.

The mountainous region within this territory contains the largest portion of summer/fall feeding grounds for the Chilcotin Mountain Caribou herd and the swamp meadows of its plateau area, provide ideal habitat for moose. Access into this territory is restricted and difficult so the game is protected from over-hunting.

Eli, Terra and the boysLehman Creek Outfitters is a family-owned hunting operation, known for its superior hunts since the early 1940s. The business is owned and operated by Eli and Terra Hatch. Both were born and raised in the Chilcotin and currently ranch in partnership with Terra's parents, Roger Williams and Wanda Dorsey. With help from the two Hatch boys (8 and 5), the combined ranches run approximately 600 head of cattle east of Anahim Lake. The hunting operation is based at the main ranch site.

Eli started leading mountain trail rides for his father in 1995 and has been involved with the guide outfitting business ever since. Terra also has deep roots in the guiding industry in the area as she started out at 12 years old, wrangling horses for the family mountain trail riding business. Together they will continue to provide the high quality hunting experience that Lehman Creek Outfitters is known for. Home cooked meals, quality horses, experienced guides and plentiful game in this remote territory will assure a memorable hunt.

If you'd like to have a further peek into the adventures of the Hatch family, you can click on the following link to visit Mountains Beyond the Cows.


Panorama of our hunting territory

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