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Season 2014

Time flies
when you are having fun! This season went by fast and a good one it was. All our hunters got their game. Got some nice moose as well, with the biggest one measuring over 50 inches. The swamp behind the cabin was especially productive this year. Just shows you, one does not necessarily have to travel far from camp to be successful.

Some personal news: I am in the process of turning over the hunting business to my long-time friend and guide Eli Hatch. Many of you know him and have been guided by him. So don't expect many big changes. The only difference will be that I won't be around any more to give all you guys a bad time. And of course my moose call will be missed, but then Eli's isn't half bad either! I hope that you will keep hunting with Eli's Lehman Creek Outfitters, I am sure he will be doing an outstanding job.

Success rates:
Non-guided resident caribou 33%
Guided caribou 100%
Guided moose 100%

Eli and I will be attending the Portland show in February, so I hope to see you all there.

There will be more updates on this website in the near future.

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Terry P Gresham, OR

1: Terry P Gresham, OR

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